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Image result for su creditoYour Credit offers your quick loans of up to € 1,000 with few requirements so that almost anyone can apply for them, workers, freelancers, pensioners, unemployed and even people without payroll who do not have a payroll or any type of usual income. It is possible to get a credit appearing in Asnef or in some other list of defaulters. Here you have all the information and opinions of Your Credit .


Benefits No Payroll: Yes With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 7 days Deadline: 30 days Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 1,000

Additional information about Your Credit

 The mini credits of Su Crédito are one of the most requested by people seeking quick financing in the short term. Its popularity comes from excellent conditions and a professional and quality service that streamlines and facilitates the procedures to offer the money in the shortest possible time.

With Your Credit you can get up to € 600 in just 10 minutes and use them in what most interests you in a completely confidential manner. Attend urgent payments or invoices that can not be postponed and that come to you in times of lack of liquidity. For loans under 200 euros you can return the money in 15 or 30 days, and for those over 200 euros you will only have the option of 30 days.

One of the advantages of the quick credits of this entity is that you can get credits without a salary, without a pension and without any other habitual income . In addition, they may accept your application even appearing on a list of defaulters as they grant loans with ASNEF or RAI. Their indispenable requirements are to be of legal age, to reside legally in Spain and to have a current account in a bank with offices here.

To make the request and consult all the information you need access to the website of Your Credit , where you can fill out a simple form. If everything is correct, the transfer will be made immediately, and you can have the money in less than an hour depending on the entity in which you have the current account.

How to request a mini loan in SuCrédito

Once inside the website of Your Credit you must choose the amount you are going to request between € 50 and € 1,000 and fill out a form with your personal data and economic data. You will have to have some source of income although they do not ask for it to be payroll since they offer mini-loans to pensioners, self-employed and unemployed with benefits.

In your first credit you may have to send some additional documentation by email, usually ask for a copy of your ID, a proof of income (payroll, pension, benefit, etc.) and a copy of a bank receipt that shows the number of account where you want to receive the mini credit.

Once all this is done, they quickly review the data and offer you a response in 10 minutes . As you can see, the data requested is minimal and there are no questions about the purpose of the money.

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Cost of Your Credit loans

The price applied for your credit is always the same for all customers depending on the amount requested and there are no hidden costs, the rates are as follows:

Quantity Fee
  15 days 30 days
€ 50, – € 15, – € 25, –
€ 100, – € 25, – € 38, –
€ 150, – € 40, – € 50, –
€ 200, – € 50, – € 65, –
€ 300, – € 71, – € 95, –
€ 400, – € 93, – € 125, –
€ 500, – € 115, – € 155, –
€ 600, – € 137, – € 185, –


You can compare the conditions and opinions of other companies in our section of Quick Credits to choose the best option based on your profile and your needs.

In the event that the total amount of money is not returned within the period established by contract, additional administrative costs will be applied; these are three cumulative surcharges: one of € 20 the day after the loan expires, another of € 20 at 10 days and another of € 20 at 20 days.

Remember , it is up to you to determine if the expense for which you need the mini credit is or is not timely. If it is not timely, analyze thoroughly if you can deal with the return of the money that you are going to request since, on the contrary, your debts could increase. It is very important to know that you should not ask for a mini-credit to pay another, or the amounts due should grow exponentially.