The 3 types of personal loans that we can find in the market

When we talk about requesting personal loans, we usually refer to request financing for our expenses , normally to buy a car or an important expense that we have been planning for some time. However, not all are loans of large amounts of money. When we speak of personal loans we refer to loans with personal guarantee , that is, they do not require an endorsement, but our guarantee is our present and future assets. Below we detail the 3 types of personal loans that we can find.


Mini credits

They are personal loans of small amounts of money designed to solve unforeseen and small expenses such as fines, higher than expected bills or weekend getaways. This type of personal loans are granted by private entities and are returned within a month or even less, a loan that we can return when we collect our next payroll or monthly payment, since if we are receiving an unemployment benefit, a pension or a scholarship they will also grant them to us. They also grant financing to people registered in files of defaulters, such as RAI or ASNEF. They are personal loans where speed and simplicity prevail , we can request them through the internet and have the money in our account in minutes.

Entity Quantity Cost Advantage Contract
That good up to € 600 100 to 30 days: € 22 25% discount with the code HMC0415 Apply for
Kyzoo up to € 800 100 to 30 days: € 20 Request it 24/7 Apply for
PepeDinero up to € 500 100 to 30 days: € 30 € 25 gift if you bring a friend Apply for

Payroll Advances

Payroll Advances

They are personal loans granted by banks to customers who have a payroll account domiciled in it and have a minimum seniority. In addition, they may also require a minimum income and direct receipts. They usually give up to three times the amount of our payroll although the conditions vary according to the chosen payroll account and our economic situation.

  • Payroll account of Bankinter for the amount of up to one net monthly payment, by means of an uncovered balance in your account with a maximum of up to € 6,000
  • Open Payroll Account : on their website they assure that they can “advance the amount of the payroll you have domiciled, without expenses or opening fees for the credit”

Consumer loans

Consumer loans

They are the types of “traditional” loans , granted by both banks and private entities, and are used to finance consumer goods such as a car, home improvement, a wedding, a musical instrument or a television. There are specific loans for some purposes but as a general rule private lenders do not usually ask for explanations of what we will use the money for. Its term of return is longer than that of the mini credits

Entity Quantity Cost Advantage Contract
Cofidis Project Credit up to € 6,000 From 6.49% APR Money in account in 24 hours once the loan is approved Apply for
Orange Loan up to € 40,000 From 7.18% APR It is not necessary to have the payroll registered at ING Direct Apply for

Knowing the differences of each type of personal loans that we can find in the market we can make a more informed decision when looking for financing for the purpose we need and according to our situation to get the best offer and the one that best suits our needs .